Webhooks to trigger Telegram Voice Phone Calls

Webhooks can be used to trigger Telegram Voice Calls or Telegram Text Messages from differentes Sites, Apps and Appliances. For example, to receive a Telegram Phone Voice call on your mobile phone when a site is going down in Freshping or a trigger is happening in IFTTT.

API to make Telegram Phone Voice Calls

You can use CallMeBot API to make Telegram Calls (Voice calls) to whoever you want. You can play a mp3 audio file or use the Text-to-Speach Voice Message functionality. Ideal to integrate this feature in your exisitng Home Automation tools, urgent notifications, domotics, IoT devices, etc.

Get Telegram ID from Phone number

You can use our Web Form to get the Telegram Internal ID from a Phone number or Telegram Alias.

Who We Are?

Mmmmm...  Us? It is only the Bot and myself. This project has started as a personal need for my home automation system. Then my friends and colleagues wanted to use the same features and API that I developed so I decided to share it with them.
When I realized about the high interest and usage and the numbers of Telegram calls done per day through the API, I decided to invest on AWS (Amazon Web Services) and GC (Google Cloud) to make it more reliable and accessible to everyone.
This is a hobby and the all the donations are used to maintain the servers on the cloud and pay some fix cost (like IFTTT anual fee). Thank you for your Support!
Note: CallMeBot has no relationship with Telegram, Goolge Cloud or AWS.

Phone to ID Conversions
API Phone Calls
Downtime Notifications Calls
API Text Messages

Telegram Phone Call API (with Voice Messages)

How to use it!

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Linux Command Line

How to use CallMeBot services?

List of solutions
At least the ioBroker can make a Telegram phone calls (with Voice) too thanks to the[...] is another best in class website monitoring solution that is perfect to monitor websites, apps,[...]
CallMeBot can be used in IFTTT as an Action ("THAT") to make a Telegram Phone Call[...] is a very reliable website monitoring solution that is perfect to monitor websites, apps, servers, etc. [...]
Yes! Now OpenHab can make a Telegram phone calls (with Voice) thanks to the CallMeBot API.[...]
Complete the form to test the API Telephone Number or Telegram Alias Message to Speak: Language[...]
Yes! Now HomeAssistant can make a Telegram phone call (with Voice) thanks to the CallMeBot API.[...]
Get Telegram ID
Telegram is one of the most popular messaging platform that we have today. If you are[...]

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