is a very reliable website monitoring solution that is perfect to monitor websites, apps, servers, etc.  It is by far my favorite!  (It is FREE up to 50 servers to monitor)
It offers multiple notification mechanism (Integrations) to alert realtime the users/owners about downtimes on their web servers.

Now, you can use CallMeBot API to receive Telegram messages and Telegram calls whene one of your sites is going down/up.

This is possible using the Freshping Webhook integration. I love Freshping!!!


You need to authorize CallMeBot to call and text you. Click here to Authenticate.


How to configure Freshping to use CallMeBot API (Telegram notifications):

1) You need at least one URL added into Freshping to be monitored. I asume that you already have some added.

2) Go to Settings -> Integrations

3) Click "+ Create Integration" next to Webhook Native Integration.

4) Add this url "[user]&media=[media]" and click "Create"


[user] = Your Telegram Username/Alias (i.e. @myusername)

[media] = "txt" to receive Telegram Text Messages. Important!: You need to authorize CallMeBot to contact you here. This is required to avoid Spam.
[media] = "voice" to receive a Telegram Phone Call (The bot will ring your phone and read the alert for you)


5) You can click "Test" to simulate an alert. You should receive the call/message inmediatelly.

How to exclude some URLs from the notifications

This is Work in Progress.
Please contact me if you want to test it.


If you have problems, like not receiving the Call on Telegram, or not receiving the WhatsApp messages,  try to test the CallMeBot API using your Web Browser:

  • Telegram Phone Calls using Web Browser: here
  • Telegram Text Messages using Web Browsers: here
  • WhatsApp Text Messages using Web Browser: here

You might get some errors on the screen that will help you to identify the problem. (Ex: Calls disabled in the Telegram Security Settings, WhatsApp not activated, etc.)

If you still have problems to use this API, don’t hesitate to contact me in Telegram @callmebot_com or by email at Rember to Follow me on Twitter to get news about coming features, changes, invitations, etc.