Telegram is one of the most popular messaging platform that we have today. If you are reading this, it is because for one reason or another one, you need your internal Telegram ID to configure some kind of bot, notification, service.

What is a TelegramID? Is the same as the Telegram Alias? The answer is NO.  Telegram ID and Telegram Alias are two different things. The internal telegram ID is unique and it is created when you register in telegram for the first time. It is internally used by Telegram to send or receive messages to your device.

Telegram Alias it is just a nice name that you can set that is going to be associated to your Telegram ID. It is just a nice name that you can give to your friends and family that is easy to remember. All Telegram aliases are starting with the symbol @.

You can change your Telegram Alias as many times you want. But you can not change your Telegram ID.

Then we have the phone number. The phone number is an attribute linked to your Account (Telegram ID). Each telegram ID has a unique phone number associated and the other way around.

If you want to know what is your telegram ID using your Alias or Phone number, click here and complete the form.