API to perform Telegram Voice Calls (TTS or MP3)

This API can be used to to perform Phone Calls (with Voice) through Telegram talk (using the GC Text to speech voice) some Text or play a mp3 file when the user takes the call. This API is not part of the Telegram official API.

It is ideal for urgent notifications like home automation, alarms, emergency systems, etc.

Test it now here!

Example using the GC Text to Speach:


Will call to the Telegram user with username @username a read the text "This is a robot calling you to inform you about something urgent that is happening" in English when the user answer to the call. The bot will say the message twice and then end the call.

user, is your Telegram Username (Ex. @myuser) or you can also use your phone number including the international code. (Ex. ?user=+331234567890). Important!: You need to authorize CallMeBot to contact you here. This is required to avoid spam.
text, is the message that you want the bot to speak. The maxiumum length of the text is 256 characters. If longer, it will be cut at 256. The message has to be urlencoded. If you need longer texts, please contact support.
lang, is the language/voice that you want the bot to speak. Check here the list of available languages (use column "Voice Name" to specify the voice and language desired). Please note that only the Standard voices are supported. (do not use the Premium Wavenet ones).
rpt, determine how many times the bot will say the message (optional paramenter - default=2)

Example to play a mp3 file:

http://api.callmebot.com/start.php?user=@username&file=<url of mp3 file>

CallMeBot will call to the Telegram user with username @username and play the mp3 file that is hosted in the URL specified. You can also directly use the phone number instead of the username. (Ex. ?user=+331234567890)


How to use it in the following platforms


Home Assistant




Web Browser


Linux Command Line