Finally, the ioBroker can make a Telegram phone calls (with Voice) thanks to the CallMeBot API. You need ioBroker.telegram adapter with version >= 1.5.0 for that.

Everything is you need is to create a blockly or script as following:


You need to authorize CallMeBot to call and text you. Click here to Authenticate.


Just place the block "call via Telegram" as on the picture:

xmlns="" type="on" id="pcI%RNejJ#^wD#ZBKcPV" x="62.800048828125" y="37.399993896484375">
    type="telegram_call" id="D==]%~cRa3pHO99!P4Qs">
        type="text" id="o$5h,J65nfBdfVO.3|fd">
          name="TEXT">ioBroker is calling you!
        type="text" id="V/Gwj;1y%D@`xq9*#niO">

and set the valid MESSAGE and USERNAME.

Now by change of the state trigger the call via telegram will be done.


To use calls via Telegram in script write following:

sendTo('telegram.0','call','Some text');


sendTo('telegram.0','call', {
    text: 'Some text',
    user: '@Username',
    language: 'de-DE-Standard-A' // optional


You can read more here.

Dedicated Telegram Bot for you and your Business

You can have your own dedicated bot to make the phone calls. 

These are the benefits of having your own bot:

  • Your own Telegram Username, Bio and Picture (Logo).
  • No delays. You will have your own queue.
  • Calls can be longer than 30 seconds
  • You can call to anybody without having the recipient to go through the authentication process. (Spam is not allowed)
  • Unlimited number of calls to unlimited recipients.

The cost of a dedicated instance is $15 per month. No setup fee if paid annually.

If you are interested, please contact me at [email protected]

Thank you!


If you have problems, like not receiving the Call on Telegram, or not receiving the WhatsApp messages,  try to test the CallMeBot API using your Web Browser:

  • Telegram Phone Calls using Web Browser: here
  • Telegram Text Messages using Web Browsers: here
  • WhatsApp Text Messages using Web Browser: here

You might get some errors on the screen that will help you to identify the problem. (Ex: Calls disabled in the Telegram Security Settings, WhatsApp not activated, etc.)

If you still have problems using the API, don’t hesitate to contact me in Telegram @callmebot_com or by email at [email protected]. Remember to Follow me on Twitter to get news about coming features, changes, invitations, etc.