If you are here, it is because you probably received an error related to "Spam reported". If this is the case, let me explain you what happened and how to fix the problem.


From time to time, some API's users block the bot in the Telegram App instad of dissabling their notifications/calls on their own code/IoT. This is a very bad practice because it still consumes resources in boths sides and mainy because Telegram might flag the bot account as spamer.

If you get a message saying that "Someone has reported CallMeBot as Spamer", you need to do the following to continue receiving voice calls from the bot using the API (or IFTTT).

How to resolve the problem

1) Send a Telegram Text message to the bot that is normally calling you. It should be @callmebot_API or @CallMeBot_APIX where X is a number. Check the history of calls received to identify right bot name. You can send any  kind of text Message. For example "Hi!".
2) Add the bot username into your Telegram Contacts. You can name it as you wish. For example, "My Bot".

Some screenshots about the 2 steps listed above

1) Search in your chat history the las conversation (call received) from the bot.

2) Open the chat/conversation session and send a message to the bot (anything). Example: "Hi!!".

3) Click on the Contact Name

4) Click the three dots (top-right)

5) Click Add to contacts

6) Give a name (any name is fine)

7) Click Done

 8) That's all. You should be able to receive calls after following these steps even if the bot is temporarly suspended to contact new people.


If you have problems, like not receiving the Call on Telegram, or not receiving the WhatsApp messages,  try to test the CallMeBot API using your Web Browser:

  • Telegram Phone Calls using Web Browser: here
  • Telegram Text Messages using Web Browsers: here
  • WhatsApp Text Messages using Web Browser: here

You might get some errors on the screen that will help you to identify the problem. (Ex: Calls disabled in the Telegram Security Settings, WhatsApp not activated, etc.)

If you still have problems using the API, don’t hesitate to contact me in Telegram @callmebot_com or by email at [email protected]. Remember to Follow me on Twitter to get news about coming features, changes, invitations, etc.