CallMeBot can be used in IFTTT as an Action ("THAT") to make a Telegram Phone Call when something is triggered ("THIS") in IFTTT. 

CallMeBot is available as a Service Action so you can directly use it as any other action. However, if you want to trtigger CallMeBot API from IFTTT Webhooks, you can do it and the instructions are below.

How to make a Telegram Phone Voice Call in IFTTT using WebHooks

  1. Start creating your IFTTT Applet
  2. Set the trigger that you would like to use ("the THIS")
    For Example: "Any New SMS Receive" Trigger from the "Android SMS" Service
  3. Select the "Webhooks" as the service for the Action ("THAT")
  4. From the list of Webhooks Actions, select "Make a web request"
  5. Complete the Form as follow:
    1. URL:[username]&text=[text]&lang=[lang]
    2. Method: GET
    3. Content Type: text/plain
    4. Body:   leave it empty
  6. Click Create Action


[username]= is the Telegram Username/Alias (i.e. @myusername) or the Phone number asociated to the Telegram account (i.e +33123456789)

[text]= The Message that you want the bot to read to the user during the phone call. You can use custom text or you can also use the "ingredient" (for example {{text}} that represent the text message received by SMS)

[lang]= The language that you want the bot to speak. Find the full list of languages  here. This parameter is optional. The default language is english (en-GB-Standard-B)

Examples of URL field

URL: is a test from IFTTT calling from Telegram using callmebot



If you have problems to use this API, don’t hesitate to contact me in Telegram @callmebot_com or by email at [email protected]