Many people were asking if it is possible to use emojis (emoticos) in the Telegram and WhatsApp Text messages. The answer is Yes!

It is pretty straigt forward to incorporate emoticos in your notifications.

  1. Select the emoticon that you want to use. ➡ HERE ⬅ you have a list of 1816 emoticons to choose! 
  2. URencode the text that you would like to send with the emoticon included. You can use a function like urlencode() in PHP or you can use an online encoder tool to do it. (See more details below.)
  3. That's it! Just call to the API with the text econded that contains the emoticons.


Plain text: 💦 Water leak in the basement
URL Encoded text: %F0%9F%92%A6%20Water%20leak%20in%20the%20basement
Visible in the App:

Online URL Encoder tool:

There are many Online URL Encoder Tools. And this is one of them (

Just type the message in the window from the top and click Encode. The text will be URLencoded and ready to use with the API.